Why You Want Her To Say No


What is the smallest word in the English language that most men fear the most?
Most men fear the word.
They actually dread hearing it so much that they won’t even ask a woman out.
They can’t handle it.

Here’s what usually happens:

You see a girl; you start talking to her, you have a short conversation. You think to yourself, “I should ask her out.”
Then all the fear rushes in.
What if she has a boyfriend?
What if she’s not really interested?
What if I’ve misread the situation?
What if she says…”No”?

So instead of asking her out, you don’t say anything, and then you go home, and you beat yourself up for days. You tell yourself that you really should have asked her out when you had the chance.

You start to rationalize and think to yourself, “Well, she probably had a boyfriend anyway.”
You basically soothe yourself.
You’re self-soothing.
You rationalize why she would have said no anyway. Some of you spend days, weeks, and years thinking about this one that got away.
And you know what you do when you do that process? You shut yourself down to the rest of the world. You’re obsessed about the one that got away instead of going back out there and meeting another one or two or three.

So what would I do in this situation?

Well, I love the word no. I can’t wait to hear it.
I would have gone over and talked to her for a few minutes.
I would have looked at her and said, “We need to go out,” using the powerful term of “we” that I’ve talked about in the newsletters and throughout my programs on how to close.
If she looks at me and says, “No, I can’t, I have a boyfriend,” then I’ll say this:
“He’s a lucky guy. Hope he treats you well.”

And I’d walk away from that feeling great.

We had a connection, I asked her out, she said no, and I’m cool with it.
I move on to the next one.
Which approach—your approach or my approach—is healthier for you?
Which one do you think allows you to go out there and meet more women and have a more powerful, abundant mindset?
I think we both know the answer to that.
Start going out and meeting women with the understanding that you’re going to hear the word “No” from time to time.
Then embrace the “No”, and you become a much more powerful man.