Why Picking Up Korean Women Is So Challenging!


If you’ve ever tried picking up Korean women, you’ll quickly discover how challenging they are.
They walk away even if they laugh at your joke. They look so sexy but are the most conservative Asian women. What’s going on?
After 5 years of picking up in Korea, I discovered that the reasons are simple but profound. In fact, if you ever come to Korea, you’ll quickly uncover why you have to approach twenty women just to have one listen to you!

Picking up and dating Korean women is challenging because:

    1. Korean culture has its own agenda
    2. Korean men do their best to stop you
    3. Korean women’s complex nature

And you though learning Korean was tough.
But is the reward worth it?
You bet! Korean women are gorgeous and picking up Korean women does more than just hone your PU skills: You earn the respect of those of us who’ve been-there-done-that. You also earn her respect and affection because most Korean men can’t do what you’ll soon be able to.

What Is Korean Society’s Agenda?

It’s simple – keep Korea ‘united’ (i.e. homogeneous) in a stable and growing Korean society. Foreigners are and will always have a love/hate relationship with Korea.
Ideally, Korean society wants our knowledge and money without having to deal with us as people.
So what does that have to do with picking up Korean women? As a Korean woman grows up, she learns that foreigners have no place in Korean society and most foreigners are either arrogant or ambition-less.

Do we have a chance? You bet! We’re the rebel in Korean society. We’re the ‘alternative’ and quite frankly: we’re a great alternate choice! We offer Korean women a way out of their rigid culture (not to mention fun times.)
The thing is that not all Korean women want out. In fact, the most beautiful ones are quite happy in their ‘Korean bubble’.

Because they have a great position in their socio-economic order. Guys do what they want them to do, and society admires them. Most gorgeous Korean women don’t see a need to step outside the ‘bubble’.
I mean – if women did what you wanted and you got all of society’s admiration…would you want to get out?
Do all Korean women feel this way? Not at all! Many Korean women WANT the alternative! But then there’s another challenge: Korean men.
Korean Men CockBlock You Like There’s No Tomorrow!
Most Korean men are jealous that you’re picking up Korean women. Just being able to open her is something most Korean men dream of being able to do.

So rather than applaud you for your bravery they pull you down. I mean if they can’t have her, then why should you?
Sure they sugarcoat it with the infamous ‘ouri nara’ (our nation) xenophobia. Their ‘rationalization’ is that Koreans stick together. Of course, if you introduce them to beautiful foreign women, I don’t think they’ll be chanting that song anymore. In fact they’ll be glad you did! They want an alternative too!

Have you seen the dating culture in Korea? It’s quite a process! You can read more about it by clicking on the link.
You see, Korean women are particularly difficult to game. Even for Korean men and they think it’s easier for foreigners! That’s because Korean women are more responsive during the approach, but that’s where it ends.
Why are Korean women so difficult? If you ask a Korean woman, she wouldn’t know why either!

Korean women are challenging for everyone!

Korean women are challenging, and I think it’s because of a lot of reasons:

#1 Korean women have no real status – sure they have the looks but not the status. Korea is still very patriarchal. You wouldn’t find many Korean women able to live on her own economically. It’s happening but still very rare.

#2 Korean women have a lot to consider – A Korean woman has a lot of social relationships. From the time she was born, she’s probably lived in the same area for her whole life. She has to meet her friends all the way from kindergarten to university. So when you come into her life, you don’t have as much social pull.

#3 Korean women work 12-hour shifts! – Koreans and Korean women work and commute to work a lot. It’s a rat race, and when they’re finished working they’re supposed to “study”. Koreans live a hectic life, and sometimes they just don’t have the time to date you.

#4 Korean women are women! – A party acquaintance once said that “men are so simple that women can’t understand it, and women are so complicated that men don’t understand them.”

Women are complicated creatures. Korean women are among the most complicated! This all makes picking up Korean women a challenge.
Is Picking Up Korean Women Worth It?
In spite of all this, I’d say they are. They’re very beautiful and fun to be with. If you’re in Korea or just plan on picking up Korean women, then I recommend starting with knowing how to attract hot Korean women. You can discover more by clicking on the link.

Enjoy your adventures with dating Korean ladies!