Why Entrepreneurs Have the Advantage to attract women


Why are women attracted to entrepreneurs? Could leading an entrepreneurial lifestyle forge a man into something more attractive to women? It’s my own belief that for many people, entrepreneurship is the best possible path toward success with women, financial stability, and overall life satisfaction.

Entrepreneurship demands and cultivates decision-making skills and leadership – qualities known to be attractive to women. It develops skills like visioning and planning, goal setting, and self-reliance. Entrepreneurship is about creating value and recognizing it – both very important to dating.

The successful entrepreneur possesses creativity and resourcefulness – attributes that also happen to be attractive to women. His ability to create value overflows beyond his business and into other aspects of his life; his drive for success and improvement leads to self-development, enhancing his attractiveness to women.

Entrepreneurship often evokes images of successful, rewarding work (even though the reality may be that entrepreneurs tend to work longer hours – especially upfront). The mere idea that you are an entrepreneur can be appealing to women, as long as there’s no confusion that you might simply be “unemployed” (think “starving artist”). However, entrepreneurship is part of a lifestyle choice for those seeking long-term fulfillment. It’s no quick fix.

As an entrepreneur, you can continually improve yourself by seeking out value-building tasks; the type of work that builds up yourself and your business is ideal. By carefully determining how you spend your time, you can ensure that you are constantly building up your character, crafting yourself into a high-value person. You do this by

delegating work that does not contribute to your value and focusing on the work that does.

But first, you must learn the difference and realize when you are performing work that should be delegated. Next, you must learn to delegate the work properly. Recognizing value-creating work is the most difficult step; how does one do it?

When defining your role within your own venture, you need to find an overlap between personal and business value building. You are looking for the type of work that builds your intelligence, creativity, and other traits. Menial, repetitive labor is easily delegated, since it almost anyone can do it, and this type of labor does not contribute to your character like challenging work will.

The other dimension to value creation deals with adding to the core of your business. Recognizing value is key to life satisfaction. If you can do it in your business and choice of tasks you spend time on, then you can succeed in business and finding a lifestyle that suits you.

As an entrepreneur, you have a unique opportunity to align your career with your personal interests. As an employee, you are much more constrained to mold yourself into a cog that fits into your employer’s machine. Be the employer, and delegate the mundane tasks to the large crowd that is eagerly waiting to be told what to do.

In summary, entrepreneurs can create work that aligns with their goal of having a balanced, fulfilling, rewarding life. They do this by recognizing the type of work that develops both the core of their business and their personality, and they delegate the work that does not develop both sufficiently. The role entrepreneurs play in their own business should have the greatest possible alignment of personal and work goals possible.