Where To Meet Women? 11 Best Places.


There are plenty of places to meet women. Sometimes it’s just thinking up what to say next when you’re at that place.

An excellent way to practice is when you’re at one of those places, imagine there’s a woman you’d like to approach and talk to. Think of what you’d say to break the ice.

How would you keep the conversation going or know when to lighten up, close the conversation and move on? By practising and walking through different scenarios, you can prepare yourself better for how to react and act, no matter what situation you’re in.

Here’s a list of some common and not so common places to meet women.

1. Group and Classes

Painting, cooking, learning a new language, dancing class, the local community college, the local university, etc. Very specialized groups are great places to meet single women. These situations can be a huge step, just knowing you both like the same thing. That’s a great start.

Maybe you can cook for her some time since you have to practice making that dish for your cooking class. Women love men who can cook.

2. The Store

What store? You mean, what stores? The grocery store, the hardware store, the sports store, the music store, the book store, etc. No matter what kind of store you’re in, if there’s a woman by herself, she might want your opinion on something she’s looking for, or you can ask her opinion on something you’re looking.

Some many stories and jokes have come out of couples that met in a store.

Stores are some of the best places to meet girls.

3. The Street

One of the most difficult places to meet women is “on the street”. Walking down a busy street in the business section of a city might not be the best place to stop and start talking to women, but you might have a better chance at an art show that’s being held outside downtown, or some historic landmark, an outdoor shopping mall, or on a boardwalk.

4. At Work

Meeting women you’re interested in at work can be difficult because, well, you work with them, and there might be a bunch of guys thinking the same thing you are. Whether you see them all the time or not, work can be a place with some challenges when you’re trying to meet women.

You don’t want to become the office guy who asks everyone out, making his way through the pack until you’ve got the right one. That could lead to a bad rep and other women not taking you seriously.

Take advantage of meetings, or going out to lunch or dinner as a group, can help you get to know someone better. Look for other events your company might hold like benefit walks, exercise classes and other group activities that employees can get involved with.

5. At a Religious Establishment

This is a big one because your religious affiliation can sometimes prevent couples from even getting to know one another. On the other hand, this is one step closer to knowing each other. With beliefs inline, there are many events that you can get involved with surrounding your place of worship.

6. Clubs and Bars

You might not be the best dancer, but you never know who you’ll meet on the dance floor. While clubs and bars might not be the best places to meet women, they can be a place you can have fun dancing, and women might be a bit more open to dancing and talking, assuming you can be heard over the noise. This environment can also be a great place to make women laugh.

If you’re not the greatest dancer, then watch and learn and practice. One mindset you can adopt if you don’t feel like you’re the best dancer is, “People aren’t laughing at your dancing, they’re laughing with you.” Now I know that might not be any consolation, but it helped me get through the awkwardness I felt, learning how to dance.

7. At The Gym

Still, contemplating where to meet single women? Try the gym. Although some women at the gym are concentrating on exercising and don’t want to be hit on, there are some that might need help with their workout. Remember, you’re not “hitting” on them, you’re helping them.

Just make sure you don’t act all macho when approaching a woman at the gym, think about her needs and the interest that you want to show in helping her accomplish what she might need help with.

8. Standing in Line

Do you find yourself standing in line for various things in life? Buying tickets, getting a coffee, waiting to pay for something at the deli, etc. Standing in lines are great places to start a conversation with a woman.

9. Online

A lot of folks are online today, Facebook, Twitter, match.com, eHarmony, etc., you can meet women online in many places. It’s a bit more difficult to manoeuvre since you do not face to face, but with a lot of these sites, there are meet-ups where you can meet local women face to face.

10. Games

There are plenty of women who love to compete. Why not find them at games – the football game where she’s sitting with a bunch of her friends, maybe some sports you can actually compete with women at. Look where you can meet local women by getting involved with outside sporting activities. Local gyms might post some of these events, the newspaper, online social media sites that talk about various local meet-ups.

11. Anyplace

With the information in this article and with some practice, you will start to feel more comfortable meeting women anywhere you’re at. This is part of socializing. Looking for opportunities to meet more women, approach a woman, and break the ice.

Think about what story you’d like to tell people how you met your perfect woman? Think about how she would like to brag about where you met and the story she could tell her friends and family. This will help you think about where to meet women. Now get out there and meet the ladies.