What Women Find Attractive? (Top 10 Qualities)


What do women find attractive in men? There are certain qualities in men that a lot of women like. Below is a list of those qualities that seem to hold true when it comes to what women find attractive in men.
Not all men possess all these qualities all the time. They can be something you acquire with age and practice. Either way, they are qualities that help you attract women.

1. Be Decisive – Unless you’re with a dominating woman who loves to control every aspect of her and your life, women are attracted to men who can make decisions. If you’re presented with something new that will make you think about what you should do, make a decision, and stick to it. Follow it through and adjust as you go.

2. Personality – Men with personality seem to be the life of the party…sometimes. You don’t have always to be on, but a man with personality is attractive to women. Your personality consists of many attributes you already possess – are you quiet, are you loud, are you grumpy or complaining, or can you control yourself, so you come off with a pleasing personality. Better yet, be able to turn it on when necessary. Personality is a quality you can work on and improve with time and practice.

3. Funny – A sense of humor is one of the most popular traits of a man that attracts women. Being able to tell a story or a blunder that happened to you during the day is one way to make a woman laugh. Likewise, you can encourage her to share something funny that’s happened to her. You never know, being humorous might become something both of you can share for a lifetime. Clip some of the funniest comics, jokes, or stories you can share at the dinner table or on the weekend at home with her.

4. Spontaneous – Don’t be a lump on the couch when it comes time to do something together. Don’t do the repetitive week after week, month after month, year after year stuff that you always do. Switch it up. Want a huge list of new things to do with your woman? Ask other people in your life who are in relationships what they do for fun together. Ask women friends what they did over the weekend that was fun.

Ask them where they went on vacation. Better yet, listen to what the woman in your life likes to do. Take note of the times she says, “That sounds fun”, when she overhears someone talking about what they did. Find out all the different stuff you can do in your city or nearby cities.

5. Confidence – Confidence attracts women. Confidence can be portrayed in your body language. Hold your head up. Look into her eyes in a way that makes her feel like you’re listening to her and interested in her. Don’t fake it or look insincere. Talk with conviction when you talk about things.

Don’t be loosed lipped –

“Whatever, man”, “I don’t know dude”

, are not the most confident statements around anybody, men or women. Be confident, not arrogant. Confident men have ambition, drive. Again, something you can work on with time and practice.

6. Handy – What woman doesn’t like a handyman who can make things right. Something breaks in the house, and you’re right there to fix it up and make it right around the house or apartment. Don’t pretend you can put in a new furnace if you’ve never done it. Be confident that you can find the person to do that. But don’t be afraid to take on other mishaps that will happen, like changing a leaky faucet.

7. Social – Can you socialize? I mean out somewhere in the world and not on the Internet. Can you dance? If not, take some lessons. Men who can dance attract women. To help you feel comfortable learning how to dance or to dance in front of people, think, “They’re not laughing at you, they’re laughing with you. We’re all having fun.” This mantra helped me become a better dancer, and I’m sure it will work for you too.

It’s more important to get out there and try so you can get better. You don’t stand over in the corner of the room during a party, do you? Learn how to talk with others and don’t feel like you have to cling to her at parties or other social gatherings to keep you protected.

8. Sweet and Sensitive – Opening doors, considering her opinions, asking her what she thinks, adjusting your schedule to help her with something that’s important to her on the weekend, etc., all go towards her claiming to everyone that you are the sweetest guy she’s ever met. Being sensitive doesn’t mean always being dragged around like a dog who’s jumping at her every need and wish. It’s about thinking what her needs are and not what your guy friends think being sensitive is.

9. Brings Home The Bacon – Women love men who can provide for them and their children. Heck, women love men who adore children. Many men and women work jobs when they are a couple, but when the kids come along, some women want to stay home or have the option to stay home longer than what they are allowed to when they work. If you can always be improving yourself to better yourself, you might end up making more money so you can be in a position to provide for your entire family when it’s necessary.

10. Gifts – A woman loves gifts. If you can surprise her year after year during all the special occasions in her life like her birthday, your anniversary, etc., you’ll score big. It doesn’t always have to be on one of those special occasions, now that you’ve learned how to be spontaneous (see above), surprise her when she’s not expecting it. One of the best ways to never run out of gift ideas is to prepare.

When you are with her at the store or when she’s flipping through a magazine, notice what she points out that interests her or stuff that she likes. This will help you start a list of gifts over the long haul to help you buy her what she likes. Keep the list in your wallet. It’ll come in handy.

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