What A Girl Wants And Needs: How To Prove That You’re Her Man


If you’ve been spending time working on your ability to attract women, then you know that there are basics that you’ll need to work on. You probably already know you’ll have to work on your physical appearance. You know you need to have a winning personality. You probably understand you need to present yourself in a confident and manner. It certainly doesn’t hurt for you to present yourself as someone who’s fun to hang around.

Now that you’ve got all of the basics covered, it’s time to dig a little deeper. You’ll need to present yourself in ways that let the object of your attraction know that you are the man who is worthy of her attraction and her affection. You need to let her know that you are the answer to the questions she has in her mind. How can you positively answer her questions? What are the questions women have on their minds?
A woman wants three major things from a guy. She wants to know that she’s a priority in his life. She wants to know that she’s a priority on his mind. A woman wants to know that the guy in her life truly wants to be with her.

She also wants to know that if she gives you her personal time that you’ll make it worth her while. She wants to know that you think enough of her to provide her with a great experience of spending time with her.
All women want to know that the guy she’s spending time with will be able to protect her. She wants to know that he’ll be protective of her physically, and in any other way that she needs him to provide protection. Let’s dig deeper into these concepts.

Are You Really Into Her?

All women want to feel that she’s important to you. Even if you’re not looking for a serious relationship right now, you should make the women you approach feel special(and you also should raise your social standing). They should feel that you find them unique. They shouldn’t feel that your lines are old and tired. They should feel as if it’s important for you that they spend time with you. Think about the energy that you project during your interactions with women.

How Much Energy Are You Willing To Provide?

If you could be a fly on the wall when women are talking to each other about guys, then you’d learn that one thing that women hate is boring, uninspired dates. You can bet that a woman can always tell the difference between a tired date, and a high-energy, thoughtful date that makes her feel special. When a woman gives you some of her spare time, she should feel that she made the right decision. Even if you are just starting to get to know her and even if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can still come up with creative ways to make her feel that you are into her and you appreciate spending time with her.

Can She Count On You?

There are more ways to make a woman feel like you’ll protect her besides pounding someone with your fists! You can make her feel like you are a great protector by making sure that she feels comfortable when she’s around you. When she’s walking downstairs in her pretty heels, are you there to help her down the stairs so that she doesn’t trip and fall? Do you walk on her left side when you are walking on a busy sidewalk so that you can protect her from cars, dust, and water from the streets? If you’re together and someone is being rude to her, are you ready to defend her honor?

All of these things will make the object of your attraction feel that you are capable of being the guy that she’ll want to spend as much time with as possible. If you make women feel that they are special to you, then they will respond to you very easily. The key is to make women feel special in a way that is confident and not pathetic. If you can master this, then your problems with attracting women will soon fade away.