The Right Way To Meet Women At The Gym


This is what most guys will do at the gym: They’ll find a hot woman on the elliptical, and they’ll just fixate on her.
They’ll stare at her, and they won’t say a single word.
The next day, they’ll go to the gym and do the same thing over and over and over again. Eventually, after about two months, they’ll finally go up and say something to her, and she won’t respond, or she’ll quickly run away.

Do you want to know why?
Because she knows that you’ve been staring at her! You’ve been creeping her out for the past two months, and now she’s even more creeped-out because her stalker is talking to her.

Women can’t stand when a guy is fixated on them to the point of not even talking to them at all.

Here’s what I did when I got the gym:

  • I engage the front desk girl (or guy).
  • I say hello to them as I check-in.
  • I smile.
  • I start building up social proof.
  • I let it be known that this is my gym, I own this place—this is my house.
  • I then go, and I’ll talk to some guy that I’m working out next to.

We’ll smile, laugh, and have a good time.

When a woman walks by me, I’ll look at her and say, “How’s your workout going?” I’ll ask this whether I’m attracted to her or not.
I’m performing.
Meet Women At The Gym
Women are excited by the guys that are the center of attention. Women are turned on by men that are confident, men that have command of their presence, of their environment, and of everything else.
Next, I’ll go directly to the woman that I’m most attracted to. If she’s on the treadmill, I will get on one right next to her.

I’ll look at her. She’ll probably have her anti-social device in—the iPod—or she’ll be watching TV. So I’ll make eye contact with her and mimic the motion of pulling out my earphones, leading her. I’ll smile.
She’ll be intrigued enough to take her earphones out. When she does, I’ll say to her, “Hey, let me ask you a question. What music do you listen to? Because you are kicking butt right now on that treadmill. So what’s got you all pumped up?”
She’ll then tell me. I’ll make a comment; we’ll talk about the music; we’ll have a conversation.
Then I’ll look at her and ask, “How long do you have left?”

“15 minutes.”
“Okay, I’ll race you.”

I’ll make it fun.

I will try to engage her, and that’s it. Maybe she’ll put her headphones back on, maybe not. If she doesn’t put her headphones back on, then we’ll have a conversation. If she puts them back on, then I at least made contact with her.

The great thing about the gym is that you’ll see her again, and once you make contact and you gather information—like knowing what type of music she likes or how long she likes to run—you can use that in conversation next time.

“Hey, you, still listening to Death Cab for Cutie? What are you going to listen to today during your workout?”

You don’t have to think like a guy and create all this pressure around talking to her and asking her out. You just have to start building it up. Just build it up in general. Talk to everybody. Really own that gym. Then she’ll start paying attention and seeing you talking to other people, and she’ll realize that you’re the man, and she needs to get to know you.
It really is that simple to meet women at the gym.