The Right Way To Approach A Group Of Girls


They are huddled in a group looking gorgeous and impenetrable. They laugh and joke and look amazing and all you can think about is how they can shoot you down in a second. Well, don’t think that way.

Even though groups can seem intimidating, really it is not much different than approaching a single girl or a pair of women. In fact, groups of girls can often be a lot of fun to approach.

There are a couple of different theories about the best way to approach a group of girls (if you are looking just to learn how to approach a girl, click that link to read more. Below I will share with you a couple of techniques that have worked for me.

Learn To Approach These Girls

One sure-fire technique is to single out a girl, it doesn’t matter if she is the cutest or the least attractive or even the girl you want to meet, but I often do this to the girl I want to talk to the most. You could also do this to the girl who looks the nicest. But here is what you do: go up to her, gently take her aside, just a step outside the group and tell her that you and your friends saw her and thought she was the most interesting woman out of all her friends. Tell her that she had something indefinable that was extremely attractive. Now, this is why I pick the girl I want to talk to the most because I am always honest and genuine and won’t say what I don’t really think.

So after you do this, you can either continue talking to her or smile and tell her that you just wanted to let her know that and maybe you’ll catch up with her later. You can walk away and then maybe catch her eye later and smile and then maybe approach her later. Believe me, this works.

Another good idea is if you approach a group of girls, look for the girl who appears to be the shyest girl in the group. Walk up and say, “Hi there, how are you guys doing tonight? Are you having fun? I just was watching you and wanted to let you know that I know which one of you is the trouble maker in this group, it’s you, right?” And point to the shy girl. Tease her a bit. Her friends will laugh and love it.

Then say to the most outgoing one: “And you are the really shy and introverted one, right?”

Anyway, it’s just a fun way to initiate a conversation with women, and you are doing it without going out of your way trying to figure out how to impress a girl. Either of the above approaches can work really well. Just one note on approaching groups, if you are approaching a group of girls and there are one or more guys in the group, you need to make a point to go up to them and initiate a conversation with them first. Be calm, and they’ll want to appear cool back to you.

That way, you are defusing any possible hostility on the guy’s part. Later, if they start acting rude to you, it only makes them look bad because you were so calm in approaching them and being nonthreatening.

Just remember that approaching girls can be fun if you let yourself open up and have a good time.