Openers – 4 Ways To Start Conversations With Women


One of the biggest hurdles that a lot of guys face in their dating lives is starting conversations with girls. Of course, the single biggest reason most guys don’t start conversations is that they simply don’t know what to say.

They don’t have an opener.

Here are four different ways you can go about starting conversations with women immediately. After reading this, you should have no excuse to start a conversation with the next beautiful woman that you see.

Option 1: Opinion Openers

A great way to start conversations with women is to ask for their opinion on something. Because women love to give their opinions on things, you will usually get a great response. Also, it is elementary to transition
away from opinion openers and into normal vibing.

The most effective opinion openers generate some type of emotional reaction from the woman. Some examples of effective topics are relationships, pop culture, and gender differences.
It is important not to linger on the same topic for too long when talking to a woman. If twenty minutes have passed and you are still talking about whether men or women lie more, you are doing it wrong.

Option 2: Screening Openers

Another way to start conversations with women is to ask them a screening question. This can be as simple as “are you single” or as deep as “is there more to you than meets the eye?”
There is a difference between screening a woman and interrogating her. When you screen a woman, you are getting her to qualify herself to you. In other words, you are giving her the opportunity to impress you on a deeper level.

Beautiful women like the validation that they get from men who check them out. That said, they really do appreciate it when a man likes them for more than their looks. She will feel this when you ask screening questions and encouraging women to qualify themselves to you right from the beginning.

Option 3: Direct Openers

A very underrated way to start conversations with women is to be direct about why you are approaching her in the first place. By making it clear that you are attracted to her, you convey confidence. Confidence is an important attraction trigger, so this can only help you.
Being direct works especially well in daytime settings. For example, saying, “you looked adorable, so I had to meet you” will usually get a great response if you approach a girl sitting down at a coffee shop.

Option 4: Observational Openers

Another underrated way to start conversations with women is to make an observation about her or the environment. Like opinion openers, observational openers are great because they are easy to smoothly transition out of.

When you consciously begin observing everything in your everyday life, you will see different ways that you can start conversations with women. It could be the type of shoes she is wearing, the fact that she doodles when taking notes in class, or the small selection of cheese in the dairy section.

Being observant is also the key to keeping conversations with women going after the opener.

While starting conversations with women is important, what you say is not that important in the big picture. As a wise man once said, the purpose of the opener is simply to open. That said, being aware of some tried and tested ways to start conversations can be useful if you actually go out and use them.