Online Dating Tips For Men: Handy Tips To Save Them From Embarrassment


There are lots of online dating tips for men that they should really understand. Especially for mature guys who are thinking about over 50 datings. Although the man and women’s tips are basically not too much different from one another, some tips are aimed for men because they tend to make serious mistakes that can jeopardize their reputation or their love life.

Online Dating: The Basic Principle

When people join online dating sites, they tend to make mistakes by doing things they shouldn’t have. Just because they don’t meet face to face with the women, they have the interest in, they still have to obey some codes or rules, so they won’t sound or seem too boring, too aggressive, or too needy.

Some mysteries are better kept so the women will keep on guessing, but at the same time, they should let some information about themselves being passed on so these women can feel safe about their presence and won’t be feeling like strangers when they finally meet.

The Handy Tips

Here are some handy tips that should be able to help these men keeping their relationships online as well as offline.

  • Don’t tell his or her life story. Writing a page full of their lives stories will turn off the interest button in women. They don’t feel any mysteries anymore, and they will think of those men as too needy and too desperate. To pique these women’s interest, keep shorts sentences where the men are answering the questions, and then put his own question at last. It would give the impression of being thoughtful.
  • Never start sexual dialogs or talk. Not only it’s impolite, but women are also disguised with the idea that the men they meet only have one topic within their brain. Nothing will send these women running away fast than the sex talk.
  • Never lie. Don’t lie to impress because once the lie is revealed, these women would be so angry and humiliated. If men have some things that they aren’t proud of themselves, focus on the good things.
  • Don’t send out too many messages or emails. Once the men get green light concerning the women, they’re interested in, don’t flood them with messages. Some guys may find it difficult to limit themselves, especially if the women are gorgeous and hot, but they need to do it. They may suffer at the beginning, but they can be successful in their relationship later on. Don’t look too needy. Stay mysterious and it would make the women chase them all over.
  • Don’t make any connections with lots of women. Be sure to restrict themselves to particular women they like. Just because their online ad is getting many responses from women, it doesn’t mean that they need to respond back. Choose the ones they really like. Too many women will bring chaos and problems in their lives.

Again, the key on how to get girls to like you is to lay low and keep it simple. If these men are eager to go on a date, don’t show it. Play it cool and safe so the women will be curious. Hopefully, these online dating tips for men can really help and really improve their love life.