Maintain Your Mystery With Women


Farting and burping and bathroom humor are hilarious. Especially when you are watching actors in a comedy. Not so funny in real life. If you are over 21, you are old enough to drink and old enough to have manners. So many men out there want the key to what women want. Well, here’s what they don’t want: to see your poo, smell your burp or see you pick your nose.

A recent book called

“Stop Calling Him Honey and Start Having Sex”

claims that one of the relationship destroyers couples are unaware of is doing things like farting, burping, wiping your butt, picking nose hairs, and other bodily functions and grooming that are unnecessary to share with your girl.

In the book, one woman said she had been amazed when this super hot man asked her out and then became even more amazed when they became a couple. However, her awe soon diminished when her dreamboat man would share details of all of his body functions. The coup de grace was once when she came home, and he was proud to share with her how he could sit on the edge of the toilet and watch the ballgame. He then demonstrated to her by lifting his butt. She was so disgusted and turned off that not only did she not want to have sex with him, she broke the relationship off completely.

Now I don’t know about you, but I was stunned to read this account of a breakup.

But the truth is that what we think is perfectly acceptable, even humorous behavior, could be making girls repulsed by us. Not only will they not want to have sex with you, but they might also dump you.

Another example given in the book was by a guy who met this awesome girl and started dating her. The first night they met, she charmed him with her accent, even when she made a comment about having to go pee or something. But then she began saying it always. It didn’t matter where they were, what they were doing, or what company they were in, she would give vivid details of her bodily functions, including explicit accounts of getting her period. He was so grossed out he dumped her.

The book tells couples to close the door when you do your business in the bathroom. Every time. Close your door and invest in a scented candle or matches. Nobody wants to smell your bowel movements when you are done. Light a candle or even light a match, and it will kill the smell. It is the least you can do.

Make sure you put the toilet seat down. It might seem like a small thing, but after time, that will disgust your girl and possibly drive her out the door.

It takes little effort to curb these relationships destroying behaviors. It is all about changing a habit and that only takes three weeks. Heck, if you are single, start now, and by the time your dream girl comes around, you will be able to knock her socks off with your excellent manners and will be able to keep her around.