Want to Learn How to Get a Girl to Like You?


Figuring out how to get a girl to like you is one of the first steps in figuring out how to succeed in the dating game. You don’t have to have a specific girl in mind to master the challenge of being attractive to the opposite sex but if you do have someone in mind, all the better. You are making a big mistake if you are going into this thinking that it is going to be a piece of cake once you learn the ropes. Getting a girl takes plenty of time, effort, and commitment so make sure that you are prepared for it all.

How to Get a Girl to Like You: 5 tips

Make no mistake though, the whole process is definitely worth it. In fact, once you learn how to get a girl to like you things might get a little overwhelming at first because of all the extra attention you will be getting from lovely ladies that you come into contact with. But don’t worry, you will figure out how to best handle all the attention before you know it. Now that you know a little about what you can expect from this experience, it is time to learn the best tricks, techniques, and methods to get the girls to like you.

Be a Distant Friend

An important aspect of getting a girl to like you is to be genuinely interested in her life. This does not mean that you should get involved to a point where the girl you’re after thinks that you are stalking her. Let her know that you are interested in her thoughts, feelings, and the things that she cares about most in life but it is important to do so casually. In other words, it should be clear that your interest is not in becoming best friends (that will really kill your chances!) but that you care about her well being.

The goal is to get her to tell you what she likes and doesn’t like for two reasons. The first is to make her comfortable talking to you and the other is to use what you learn about her to make her feel a connection with you. For example, if you learn that she loves scary movies you can casually mention when a new one is due to be released at the theater.

Actually, Listen

Girls fully appreciate when guys listen to them. You are not ever going to learn successfully how to get a girl to like you if you don’t learn how to really listen to her. You may not be all that interested in what she has to say all of the time but it certainly is important to her that you hear what she’s saying.

The truth is that she’ll know when you let the things she tells you go in one ear and out the other so it isn’t possible to fake your way through this. Really listening to what she has to say will give you some extra ammo that you can use to try and get her to fall for you. Not to mention, listening is an important aspect of any relationship so you might as well get some practice in when you can!

Break the Touch Barrier

One of the most helpful things you can do for yourself when it comes to learning how to get a girl to like you is to figure out how to break the touch barrier. The truth is that most guys come across sleazy or insincere when they start getting touchy and feely with the girls and you want to avoid this at all costs. The good news is that there are lots of ways to touch a girl without coming off like a scum bucket.

The trick is to find polite ways to get your touch on. For example, you can hold her coat for her as she puts it on, you can hold her hand while you are leading her through a big crowd, or you can simply tap her shoulder to get her attention. These are all acceptable moves and they are all efficient as helping you to get a little closer to the girl that you want to get closer to.

Offer Meaningful Compliments

Many guys get the fact that compliments can help to land the girl but when trying to learn how to get a girl to like you it is important to learn how to compliment the girl you like correctly. Coming on too strong is something that can easily push her farther away. Additionally, if you lavish her with meaningless compliments she won’t appreciate your gesture in the least.

In order to use this tactic, it is important that you really get to know her. This way you can pay her a compliment that directly relates to her and actually mean it. Be distinct when complimenting her and make sure that you address the unique aspects of her looks or personality to make her feel special. She’ll love to hear all of the things you like about her that not every other girl has to offer you.

Be Funny

Girls love to laugh and hate to cry, even if it does not always seem like it. Making a girl laugh is something that not every guy can do so if you can accomplish this task you are definitely on the right track. You might be surprised at what a girl will laugh at, but one thing is for sure- she won’t find mindless jokes as funny as your friends do.

If you can both feel relaxed and be yourselves around each other making her laugh should not be a hard thing to do. It helps to learn who her favorite comedians are and what movies put a smile on her face. Tell her funny stories that have some meaning behind them or come up with witty antidotes that she’ll love. Most girls won’t appreciate your sarcasm so leave it at home.