How to Make Women Laugh? (Effective Ways)


Alright, we all know that it’s a good thing if you can make a woman you’re interested in laugh…

Or is it? It depends you need to learn precisely how to make women laugh.

In certain circumstances, making a woman laugh can seal the deal for you. In other cases, it will put you in that category of men she will NEVER EVER CONSIDER.

But laughing is good, right?

Yes,….and No.

Let me clarify.

In order to figure out the best way to know how to make women laugh, let’s figure out exactly what it is.

Laughing is an expression we all share that helps us share a moment. In other words, it’s what helps us “bond” and “connect.”

Generally, it comes out in peculiar, awkward, ironic, or otherwise funny circumstances. However, it can ALSO come out intense, or freaky circumstances.

Think about it, often when you laugh ( or at laugh the hardest) it’s when OTHER PEOPLE are around. It’s a signal that everyone is connecting…or attempting to connect.

With that in mind, I have found that there are generally 3 types of laughter when 2 or more people are involved.

How to make women laugh

********** 3 types of laughter. ************

Laughing WITH someone.

Laughing AT someone.

Laughing FOR someone.

A few quick examples.

Sometimes you (or someone you know) will laugh or smile when they are nervous. It’s a signal that one is ATTEMPTING to bond, to calm awkwardness.

This would be laughing FOR someone. Such laughing at your own corny joke to break an awkward silence. Or laughing at something someone said that wasn’t that funny.

Think of the high-status boss man or executive. He makes some stupid jokes, and all of the interns and lemmings laugh FOR him.

Most of the time, this is the type of laughing YOU want to avoid. It signals lower social status and signals nervousness.

On the flip side, if SHE laughs for YOU. This can be good if it isn’t too much. It’s a sign that she wants your approval and is attempting to bond. Sort of like the intern wanting the boss’s approval… hey stop that, I know where your mind is going.


You can probably think of a moment in your life where you laughed AT someone. Say, for example, if you trip witness someone tripping on their shoelaces and fall down.

You’re likely to laugh AT them.

Then something exciting may happen, the person who is getting laughed AT, may very likely begin laughing FOR the people laughing at them.

Are you catching what’s going on here?

So you have one party laughing and thinking, “What a f*cking idiot, he didn’t even tie his shoes.”

Then the shoe tripper might think, “Ah shit, I look so stupid in front of all these people,” and then glances back and lets out a little giggle.

Generally speaking, do you want her to laugh AT YOU?

No, of course not. That’s why making fun of your self and being a goofy clown is generally humor that will KILL attraction. The exception to this rule is if you are a VERY high-status man. For example, I was watching Johnny Depp on Letterman a little while ago. He made fun of himself a few times, and it was funny in a right way. However, he’s one of the highest status men in the WORLD. For him, getting her to laugh HIM brings him down in the real world so she can relax and feel closer to equal.

Do you want to laugh AT her? Sure, in the right circumstances. Generally, most men view women as having higher status than them. Many times beautiful women have become used to this, so they feel as though they have higher status than most men.

So energetically laughing AT HER can bring her down to a point where she is laughing FOR YOU, and she views you as having a higher status than her.

That makes you attractive.

****** 3

Then you have to laugh WITH someone.

This would be two people on the same level watching a movie or something. Something funny happens, and they both spontaneously start laughing.

This, of course, is good.

When is it not?

When it’s not authentic, let’s say someone is a total of Squarepants Yuppie, who doesn’t get the humor. If she starts laughing at something funny in the movie and the Squarepants doesn’t get it, he’s likely to begin chuckling because she is smiling.

Now he is laughing FOR her.

He doesn’t get it and is laughing in order not to feel as awkward.


So keep in mind when you find yourself laughing. Are you laughing for her? Do you seek her approval?

Notice when she laughs. Is she laughing for you or at you?

Did you say something from a position of higher status, or did you say it from a place of lower rank to seek approval?

Can you relax enough to laugh WITH each other?

Why would making fun of her and teasing her be a good thing?

Why would be bold, confident, and forthcoming have her laughing for approval?

Why would observing the situation and others around you be a great way to laugh WITH each other?