How to Impress Her Friends


You have been on a couple of dates, and things are looking good for you. She is a great girl and brings out the funny, lovable, and sensual side of you; before you get comfortable in the relationship, which is still in its infant stages, get ready to meet her friends. How important a girl’s friends are in her life and how much of an influence they can have is an aspect that many men undermine. Her friends are like buddies in a scout camp; they are there to keep her out of trouble and emotional damage.

They will probably tell her what they think of you and whether you are worth spending more time and effort on. Therefore, the first time you meet her friends is the perfect opportunity to impress them.

Everyone likes to be noticed and appreciated, so give compliments.


Ensure that you are punctual and do not keep the women waiting. Wear something you are comfortable in and, of course, it will be ironed and clean. A late and untidy appearance will ensure that you lose points, and you can rest assured that the conversation after the meeting will focus on your tawdry entry. Add a dab of your favorite aftershave, but don’t overdo it. The way a person looks and smell speak volumes about them.

Eye for Detail

Make an effort to recollect all that your girlfriend has told you about her friends and do not forget names. People appreciate it when someone knows their name and remembers something about them, and it tells your girl’s friends that you are paying attention to what she says. Whether it remembers that Alice is violently allergic to mushrooms, or Janice’s new job, an eye for detail pays in more than one way. Being attentive to the discussion and your girlfriend’s rapport with each of her friends will let you know which of them is closer to her.

Be Entertaining

This doesn’t mean that you have to put on a juggling performance with the restaurant glasses or break into a song and dance routine, just crack the ice and get the conversation going. If you are too quiet and reserved, the meeting will not serve any purpose for either her or you. The idea is for her friends to see you at your natural best.

So, relax and just be yourself. Earlier conversations with your girlfriend will give you an idea of what her friends are interested in, and you can take it from there. Brush up on a few jokes and humorous incidents. Don’t focus all your attention on your girlfriend so that her friends feel left out. A peck on the cheek and holding hands are fine, but keep the serious smooching and groping for when you are alone.


Everyone likes to be noticed and appreciated, so give compliments. Sometimes a touch of flattery is what a person needs. Be honest and focus on every member of the group and not just the blonde who looks like she has stepped out of the centerfold of the latest edition of Playboy. While your date is in the powder room, compliment her and talk about how wonderful she is. Friends want their girlfriend to go out with a guy who cherishes her and treats her well.

The Green Stuff

You don’t have to spend wads of cash to make a good impression, but remember you need to spend a little to earn goodwill. It isn’t every day that you get to make a lasting impression on her friends, so let the wallet loose. After a wonderful time together for the grand finale, plan a surprise trip to the bakery that whips up your girlfriend’s favorite apple pie and ice cream.