How to Impress a Girl in High School (5 Proven Steps)


Every boy can learn how to impress a girl in high school. High school girls may seem complicated and out of reach, but they’re really not. To impress girls, boys need to educate themselves. By understanding a few things about girls in general, even the shyest of guys can impress the girl of his dreams.

Let’s consider four tips that will prepare any young man to impress a high school girl.

Embrace the Similarities

First, high school girls think about many of the same things that boys do. High school girls worry about how they look and what their friends think of them. They wonder if their peers accept them, and why their parents don’t understand them. The girls also think about high school boys. These commonalities that exist between boys and girls should help boys relax and feel comfortable approaching them.

Girls are humans – just like boys.

They’re people – just like boys. Just like boys, girls want to be cared for. Keeping this fact in mind and relaxing when interacting with them is the first tip on how to impress a girl.

Learn Their Interests

Second, boys must learn what girls like. When boys embrace the similarities between themselves and girls and can calmly speak with them, it’s easy to discover what girls are interested in. Learning what girls like to do for recreation and with their friends and families is a good start. This information can be obtained by spending time asking questions. There’s practically no better way to impress a girl in high school than talking to them about the things they enjoy.

Pay Attention, Don’t Smother

The next step is to learn to balance the amount of attention given to high school girls. It’s true that everyone needs attention, but it’s important to maintain a healthy balance when trying to impress a girl. High school girls need enough attention to make them feel they’re special to boys, and simultaneously not be smothered.

Finding a healthy balance isn’t as difficult as it may seem.

The key is excellent communication, which, young men who’ve accomplished the first two steps, will find to be an easy task at this point. Excellent communication grows naturally from the comfort of knowing high school boys and girls share basic needs, and through time spent interacting with each other. When talking to girls, it should be evident when they need a day to spend time with their other friends. As young men notice this, they can earn extra points by giving space, and sending a sweet a note expressing their excitement about seeing the girls again soon.

Be Confident

Lastly, to impress a girl, boys should have confidence in themselves. Confidence comes from being prepared, and boys can ready themselves to woo girls by mastering the tips as mentioned earlier. Boys who are comfortable around girls and seek to show they care without being overbearing are ideal. Confidence is beautiful to girls. Also, sometimes, look busy is a good idea.

It is effortless for any boy to learn how to impress a girl in high school. By practising these four tips, a boy is guaranteed to gain the affection of his favourite girl.