How to Impress a Girl in a Fascinating Way


Knowing how to impress a girl is not just a mere enumeration of dos and don’ts. This involves constant inspiration that would fuel your eagerness to know what should be done. Girls, as what people say, are complex beings. You can never know what is on their mind, as they change their thoughts easily. You cannot seem to predict their emotion. They can laugh their hearts out at one moment and on the next, they can be uncontrollably angry. It is, therefore, necessary for you to know the nature of the girl you wish to impress so that you can pin down her weaknesses and attract her.

So then, how to get a girl to like you?

This may sound cliched, but this is a sane question. To impress a girl, you have start by first understanding the things that she likes; or in other words, simply get to know her. Gently and subtly, do your best to get this information out of your usual conversations. Make it a point not to expose your intent of gathering information about her because this can make you look suspicious and prompt the girl to instantly go away from you.

Of course, you need to realize, that there is always going to remain the possibility of her avoiding talking about her dream man, so you have to be smart in your approach. Your demeanor will indeed be the determinant of the information that the girl would reveal to you.

The next step on knowing how to impress a girl is to act upon this information you have gathered. You must make her believe, that it is indeed you, who is her dream man, who she has been longing to meet. Compel her with your etiquette and sophistication to develop a liking for you. Girls do have exaggerated notions about their prince charming, but believe me; they already know that these are indeed notions..! And in reality, are completely aware of the practicalities of this world. Therefore it is unnecessary for you to try and enlighten them with this fact, as it shall only leave her with a sour taste.

Another important thing that you must consider in knowing how to impress a girl, is to be an understanding and respectful gentleman. Keep in mind that most of the time, girls are moody. At times they can be very demanding and can throw tantrums too. The best way to handle such a situation is to simply remain at an arm’s length when she is down and let her have her space and time, for her to regain her mood.

Smile with her in her happy moments, laugh at her corniest jokes and never tease her when she cries, even when watching a movie. Be the person that she can always count upon and soon after that, seeing your constant presence during all her mood bouts, she will be impressed with your patience and dependability.

To impress a girl may be easier said than done, and indeed takes a lot of patience, endurance, gesture development and conscientious effort from a man, for the girl to give into your charm and commit to you for a lifetime.