How to Get a Girlfriend… Attracting that Special Woman You’re Falling for.


I want to tell you a little bit about my past. I’m going to share a story with you that happened to me so many times that I can sum it up into one simple story. Of course, there were a few variations, but this happened to me SOOOO often I came to expect it.

It goes like this.

Once up one a time, I was attracted to a very special, unique, and cute woman. She was f*ckin great man… she was “different” and the more I got to know her, the deeper my feelings grew for her. This emotional bond was so strong, I even felt like I might love her.

Sounds great, right? Falling in love with a really special woman?

Sh*t man, stone-cold fairy tale right?

Not really, I started to become incredibly insecure about the whole situation. Why was this? Because I couldn’t tell how she felt about me. I didn’t know how to get a girlfriend. I couldn’t tell if she felt this same way towards me.

I would love spending time with her and couldn’t stop thinking about her. She would say all kinds of lovely things like, “You’re such a great guy” or “I’m so glad I’ve gotten to know you” and “I’m so happy you’re in my life”. Sounds great, right? I’m falling in love with a woman who thinks I’m a great guy and is expressing her happiness that I’m in her life. Except the problem is that things aren’t moving to be the “friend zone”. I couldn’t figure out how to get a girlfriend.

Everything seemed so good but it just “felt” wrong.

It felt wrong because it didn’t seem like she was falling in love with me back. It felt wrong because I had been in this situation before….several times. As a result, my insecurity kept growing, it began to drive me nuts.

I didn’t know How to get a girlfriend…

I had to do something, I couldn’t screw this one up again. Even though I would think about it obsessively, I couldn’t make a move and kiss her….so what the f*ck should I do? It had to happen I felt, the only possible thing I could do was to TELL her how I truly felt about her. I would obsess for hours throughout DAYS, rehearsing in my mind how I was going to tell her….was this how to get a girlfriend?

Finally, the day came, I confessed everything. I told her that I had been falling in love with her, and I wanted to be with her. Not as just a friend, I wanted her to be my girlfriend. I would do anything for her and be the best boyfriend in the freakin universe.

As I told her, I would keep rambling, and I could tell she was listening. I could tell that she felt empathy and cared for me… but I could also tell how she was going to respond.

Here’s what she would say. “Awwwe thank you, that’s so sweet. You’re really important to me and I love you too. I just don’t want to screw up what we have, your friendship means too much to me…I don’t want to lose that. ”

Oh man, this would screw me up BAD. Not exactly the answer to how to get a girlfriend… I felt like she really did care for me but how come she didn’t want to be my girlfriend when we got along so well? It didn’t make sense. I would began to think about ALL KINDS of different scenarios to process this confusion. Was she just being nice and she actually thought I was pathetic? Did she really like me but was afraid of having a committed boyfriend? Did she just need a little bit more time to realize how much I cared for her? Did it mean that I had to step it up EVEN MORE to show her how I really felt?

I had to be sure, the feelings I had towards her were undeniable.

I went for the Hail Mary.
The how to get a girlfriend Hail Mary Move…

I was going to be different then all the other guys out there, I was going to do the boldest move of all to show her that I was the best guy on the planet and make her realize that she should be with me. I wrote out a truly heartfelt letter confessing all my feelings towards her again. I packaged it up with a beautiful gift I had got her and surprised her by leaving it on her doorstep. I thought for sure she would be so excited about this.

Did this work? Is this how to get a girlfriend?


It was a Crash and Burn

Definitely not how to get a girlfriend.

She straight up ignored me. How could this be possible after all those things she said? About how she really cared for me and all that stuff? Maybe she didn’t get it?

I called and left messages. I waited for my phone to ring. Eventually after a few days, I would get a hold of her and it was weird…. She didn’t mention the gift, when I asked her about it she simply said, “That was really sweet, thank you. I’m swamped, can I call you back?”

That was it. I had blown it and it was over. I kept replaying it in my head over and over in the days ahead. I kept thinking about what I could have done differently to avoid this nightmare. I had to figure out how to get a girlfriend….but instead I ended up throwing the pity party of the century and come to the conclusion that I just wasn’t attractive to women.

Maybe someday, I would think, I will meet a girl and be lucky enough that she would accept my feelings towards her….maybe one of these days I’ll “get lucky.” Maybe she’ll take me for who I am and be tired of all the unappreciative jerks out there.

“If I ever get her, I’m going to treat her so good,”

I would think.

Maybe luck was the only way…maybe there was no way to learn how to get a girlfriend.

If you’ve read this far, you can identify with this story.
It might have struck a little too close to home. It sucks man, it feels really sh*tty when this happens. Especially when it’s the six hundredth time it’s happened. This type of situation brings up a lot of feelings… emotions that make you feel worthless and insecure. You start thinking weird thoughts…

“Are you going to be single forever?”

Yes, if you don’t learn how Attraction and the Female mind works. Okay, maybe “single forever” is pushing it, but if you don’t understand these concepts, the relationships and women you meet will take advantage of you and DUMP you. You’ll be left confused, just like the countless times before. BELIEVE ME, I know! The bottom line is you will never learn how to get a girlfriend if you act the way I used to.

The Secret answer to “How to Get a Girlfriend” is this…

If a woman doesn’t feel attracted to a man, then nothing else matters and nothing will work to change that. It doesn’t matter if he buys her 6 thousand dozen roses, a new car, or a f*ckin trip to Hawaii. It doesn’t matter how many letters he writes or how many times he confesses his “feelings”. IN FACT, all of these pitiful attempts will likely have a reverse effect and push her away! Best case scenario, she will think of you as a great friend. Worst-case scenario, she’ll disappear and begin dating some jerk off… you’ll see it Facebook if you don’t hear about it directly. This will all seem VERY confusing to the man who doesn’t understand the Attraction.

If you don’t learn how Attraction works, you will never learn how to get a girlfriend.

So what should you do about it?

Well, don’t do what I did and keep making the same mistake for 10 years with dozens of women. Stop it!

If you want to learn how to get a girlfriend, don’t spend all of your energy confessing all of your deepest secrets and feelings for her BEFORE you’ve established and created ATTRACTION.


A confident, naturally attractive man who knows how attraction works are in control. The man in control knows how to get a girlfriend. He’s not running around confessing his love to every woman he meets.

You may be thinking to yourself,

“I’m not a naturally attractive man so shut up, Bryan.” I’ll shut up in a second, here’s the bottom line.

You can LEARN how Attraction works and how to become an attractive man. You can learn how to get a girlfriend. I know because I did it.

It isn’t going to fall out of the sky and land on your lap. If you want control of your dating life, then take it upon yourself to learn the simple ideas behind how Attraction works.