How To Get A Girl To Chase You


You know you’ve made it to the pinnacle of pick up artist success when you don’t have to lift a finger, don’t have to expend a bit of effort, to date numerous amazing women. They call you. They approach you. They text you. They ask you out.

Tired Of Chasing Women? Get Her To Chase You.

Does this sound impossible? I thought so, as well, but then when I began running pick up artist boot camps in New York City, I was introduced to men who were the masters of the craft. They had been doing it a few years, and they basically had women falling all over them. And not just any type of women: amazing women. Women who were not only great looking but who were smart, funny and accomplished. These women all wanted to date these men and get their attention.

I’ve spent years studying just what these guys have that others don’t have and it boils down to three key things. These three things are not easy to achieve, but they are within your reach. You just have to want it bad enough. Here are the three things these guys had in common.

1. Alpha Dog Mentality. Now the first trait I noticed in all of them was that they were leaders. They may not have been born natural leaders, but they had geared their lives so that they were the leaders in their group. They were the ones who created their own social circles and brought people together. The group of people might not have all known each other, but everyone in the group knew this guy.

He was the alpha dog. He took charge and created fun.

He planned night’s out, and he decided when a bar was boring, and it was time to move on. In addition, he was a nurturing leader. If someone was in a bind or needed help, they could count on him. He was the leader of the pack.

2. Confidence. He may not have been the best looking or have the best car, apartment or job out of the group, but he knew 100 percent that he was unique and had something special to offer any woman who came across his path. That self-esteem and confidence was contagious. It was catching, too.

Everyone wanted to be around him so that confidence would rub off on him. He knew he had valuable traits and characteristics to offer anyone in any situation.

3. Mystery. While everyone knew him, not everyone knew everything about him. They knew some things, but he did not share every detail of his life with others. In fact, he especially did not share the things that made him super cool, such as his penthouse apartment in the Village.

Then, when a girl was invited up, she liked him even more that he never bragged about his cool place. Or maybe he is a film director, but never splashed that fact around. Then when a girl found out from someone else, she was even more impressed. As my mother once told me, “If you’re truly cool, you don’t need to tell anyone.”