How To “Close The Deal” On The First Date


When it comes to the first date, there are three rules that I’ve always followed religiously:

  • Rule #1: Always have a plan for your date.
  • Rule #2: Never do a dinner date. Always do drinks.
  • Rule #3: Meet close to home.

I’ve never left my first dates to chance. In fact, in my opinion, leaving date to chance basically means you won’t get laid that night. Instead, I have a “date plan” that I follow to the letter, which has worked for me every time. It allows me to gauge her interest in me, and *I* decide whether or not I should pursue the close.

I never do dinner dates AT RESTAURANTS. It’s a multi-hour commitment, and I might not want to spend 3 hours talking to her.

You need to figure out your first date logistics. Here’s mine:


Always Meet For Drinks Close To Your House

Granted, I live downtown – so this one is easy for me. I’ll set up a date for drinks at a pub close to my house. I’ll allocate roughly 1.5 hours to it, and I ALWAYS meet around 7:00 or 7:30 PM. That’s just late enough never to have to commit to dinner, and only early enough to know there’s no way she’s eaten.

I’ll have a maximum of two drinks with her – chat her up and make her laugh. If I like her, I’ll move her to the grocery store.

What? The Grocery Store? Is Your Serious?

Yep. I’m 100% serious. After she’s laughing and having a good time, I throw this line (fully knowing the answer is a NO): “Did you have dinner?”

They’ve never had dinner. So I walk them across the street to the grocery store. This confuses them because they expect to go to a restaurant. Amidst the “why are we going to the grocery store” utterances, I’ll say: “I’m going to cook you dinner.”

The grocery store is a tactic. I already know of a meal that’ll take me 20 minutes to make. What I have her do is help me pick out the tomatoes, the green onion, and parmesan cheese. And believe me – once you’ve got her in that intimate setting of helping you pick out ingredients, it’s already game over.

Then, we’ll move to my house.

In-House Date Strategy

When we enter my place, I crack open a bottle of wine and give her a glass. She’ll browse through my library, which has a careful selection of books that please women. Texts such as the “Joy Of Sex” and the “Kama Sutra.”

She’ll also browse my DVD collection. The only reason I KEEP a fucking DVD collection is so women can look through my independent movie collection and be impressed.

I’ll start cooking. She’ll join me in the kitchen. I wear a funny apron with a naked lady on it “because my sister gave it to me as a gift.” Every woman I’ve had over laughs at this.

We eat – more wine, and now it’s time to gauge the close.

Closing The Deal

So at this point, you need to gauge her readiness for sex. Some women will basically give it up almost right away, while others will want to take it “slower.” I’ve even had one who’s said this to me after dinner: “I’m not going to sleep with you tonight, you know…” Of course, she did end up sleeping with me.

Gauging sexual readiness is the toughest part of this whole tactic. I’ll get them t the couch, put on a movie we both don’t give a shit about, and start making out. If I’m getting the vibe that she’s not ready, I’ll propose we go for a walk in the park (that’s right next to my place). After that, if I feel she’s ready to go, we’ll go back to the couch. If not, I’ll walk her to her car/cab stand and set up a second date, at which point I’ll close.


After all of the work you’ve put into the date, don’t fuck it up by NOT walking her back to her car. The absolute worst thing you can do is ask her to leave and not accompany her. Having her walk herself makes her feel “tricked.” So be a gentleman and put in those last 10 minutes.

She Needs To Laugh

No matter what else you do, you will NOT be successful if you can’t make her laugh. Women love to have a good time, and you need to have a set of stories or “routines” that are tested and work. Think more along the lines of stand up comedy rather than newscaster.

The Evening Needs To Feel Natural

As I move ladies through the closing process, the general feeling is that it’s NOT a planned set of events, and we’re just “going with the flow.” This is SUPER IMPORTANT because the moment she smells trickery, it’s all over. I have a friend who doesn’t cook – and doesn’t want to learn. But he does have a KICK ASS pastry shop right next to his house. So he’ll walk her there, indulge in a few impressive deserts with “coffee” back home. Incidentally, he has this excellent Nespresso coffee machine (amazon link) that women love because of its design.

Anyways – the point is – do what’s right for your specific situation – but make sure it feels non-planned.

Don’t Pressure Her

If she’s not ready, she’s not prepared. You shouldn’t feel the need to apply any pressure whatsoever. She’ll let you know when she’s ready for sex. If you can’t close her that night, you’ll get her on the next date. After you’ve done this type of tactic on multiple women, I can guarantee that you’ll have a good solid list of women you can call over for a “booty call,” so you shouldn’t sweat it if that specific date didn’t close immediately.

A man that tries to pressure a woman into sex is no man at all. Pressure SCREAMS of insecurity. Let her have a good time and enjoy your company – and she’ll open up to you progressively.


While the above is MY plan for first date logistics, you’ll probably need to come up with your own. I have many friends that have variations of my tactics successfully. The essential points you want to focus on are outlined below:

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