Get a Girl to Like You Without Trying Too Hard


The dating game is fraught with awkwardness, embarrassment, and rejections but it is also filled with love, laughter, and life for boys and men who know how to play it. The trick is in obviously getting a girl or woman to see you in a romantic light – if not sooner, then later – so that you can take your friendship into the relationship stage. Keep in mind that unless it was your intention in the first place, being stuck in the so-called friend zone is only for “boy friends”, not boyfriends.

Be Your Own Person

This is the easiest and yet the hardest part of getting a girl to like you in a romantic way. On one hand, it is easy to develop your own personality – your collective hobbies, interests, and goals, among others, which make up who you are as a unique individual – since you have control over these aspects.

On the other hand, it is hard to predict whether a girl will like you for yourself. Opposites do attract but this is not always the best adage to go by since a certain amount of compatibility and similarity should exist for any platonic friendship to blossom into a romantic relationship.

The best you can do is to be your own person and see where it leads. Of course, you must be the type of person who can attract the kind of girls that you want to become your romantic mates. Think of romantic attraction as a two-way mirror – you are attracted to the girl because you see something in her that reflects your own self.

For example, if you want to attract a confident, independent, and fun-loving girl, you must be the kind of person whom she gravitates toward without effort. You must preferably be confident, independent, and fun-loving, too, albeit in a manly manner.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

You will be attracted to a girl who looks good – good face, good clothes, and good poise – more than a girl who looks like the thing that the cat dragged in from the rain. This is also true for girls so you must also strive to look your best, whenever and wherever possible. Keep in mind that physical attraction is the start to making a girl like you and, hopefully, it can deepen into an emotional bond.

Looking good means several things. You should be in good shape with physical exercise as your best bet especially when you have problem areas like love handles and beer gut. You should be well-groomed because nothing turns off a girl more than dirty nails, uncombed hair, and bad breath and body odor as well as stained clothes. Basic hygiene coupled with a good sartorial sense will get you a long way toward winning the pretty girl next door.

Talk Your Way into Her Heart

During the first stage of being introduced to each other, you should learn to make small talk, to flirt in a subtle manner, and to smile at the girl you are setting your sights on. We cannot overemphasize the importance of communication skills when it comes to encouraging a girl to come out of her shell and invite you into her circle of confidence.

You don’t even have to be a brilliant public speaker to achieve this goal. Just remember these tips:

• Make eye contact and smile. These are visual cues that make the girl more relaxed around you.

• Talk to her in a friendly, open and approachable manner. If you run out of ideas to talk about, ask her about her work, interests and hobbies since most girls like to be the center of attention.

• Compliment her but keep it sincere.

It takes time coupled with patience, perseverance and sensitivity before you can make a girl like you as potential a romantic mate but your efforts will be well-rewarded. So, keep at it but be subtle about it, too!