Flirt with Women in a Sexy Way, Get in the Sack Soon Enough


Flirting is an art that men must become masters of, if and when they want to get in the sack with women. We are not talking about potential one-night stands only either because flirting should be done even with your girlfriend or wife. This way, you can keep the fires of passionate sex and romantic love burning ever so fiercely. Here then are tips on how to flirt with women in a sexy way so that you can get nookie time in no time!

Know the Stages of Flirting

Yes, there are stages to flirting with women just as there are stages to a relationship. Your knowledge of these stages coupled with the right way to undergo each phase can increase your chances for successful flirting. Keep in mind also that the best flirting is slow seduction in motion, which women love more than the wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am routine many men use to their disadvantage.

• Read the signs of her interest. Women usually sneak furtive glances at the men they are interested in accompanied by gestures like hair fiddling, perhaps accompanied by tucking the hair behind their ears. Return her glances but keep it short, say, 3 seconds, before turning your attention to a neutral spot such as your drink or your buddy. Never stare for too long at her because then you will look like a creep, a stalker, and a pervert rolled into one.

• Approach her. Corny, cliché, and canned pick-up lines are a big no-no (Did you hurt your wings when you fell down from heaven?) These will only lessen your chances of actually picking up the good vibes going between the two of you because you sound corny. Instead, say something relevant to the venue, the situation, or the circumstances.

For example, if you are in a bar, a simple question like, “Come here often?” or a simple introduction like, “Hi, I’m Jeff” will often suffice. If she is interested, she will answer your question or introduce herself, too, after which you can keep the ball rolling.

• Make your seductive moves. If you feel that you are compatible, you can start your seduction by making sexual innuendos, moving in closer to her, and whispering in her ear natural praises. Be sure, however, to stick to short, casual, and seemingly accidental touches on her arm, shoulder, and the small of her back. Otherwise, you may very well get a slap on the face, literally and figuratively. If she touches you back in the same manner, then you can move in for the kill, so to speak. You can now ask her to dance with you, go to dinner with you, and get in the sack with you albeit subtly. Always remember to start with a good kiss because everything – the nookie, that is – starts with it.

Use These Flirting Tips

Now that you know the 3 stages of flirting, we have more tips regarding the approach and seduction stages. Keep in mind that you have to be versatile in your flirting methods depending on the woman you are flirting with, the situation in which the flirting takes place and your goal in flirting.

Do you want to have a one-night stand with the hot blonde, a fiery relationship with the seductive redhead, or a long-lasting relationship with the mysterious brunette? These are stereotypes, of course, but you get the point. For example, with a one-night stand, you can move in fast but with a long-lasting relationship, we suggest moving in slower than usual.

• Speak in a sexy yet subtle way. Maintain eye contact, speak slowly, and use your natural deep voice ala, James Bond. No, Austin Powers will not do here although he is funny.

• Tell her that you are good at plenty of things including a roll in the hay but be sure to make it a sexual innuendo. Avoid saying outright that you are a porn star in bed or something to that effect. For example, you can say, “I’m good at a lot of things but you have to see me in action to believe it”, which will make her willing to do so.

• Turn standard flirting conversations sexier. This is a skill in itself that requires a combination of verbal eloquence and body language. For example, a standard question like, “Where are you from?” can be made sexier by saying, “You do know what they say about ladies from Spain, don’t you?” and accompany it with a sly smile and a flirtatious glance.

With practice, you can enjoy the art of flirtation to the fullest while also getting nookie time with a hot mama.