First Date Tips and Ideas in 2020


First dates can be really exciting. You met a woman you find attractive, you probably got her phone number, and she agreed to go on a date with you, which probably means she finds you attractive also! Sounds like a good deal to me. Now that the date is set, how do you handle it?

Do something fun. If you haven’t set up the date yet, think of something she will enjoy. Think about what you two talked about the first time you met and if you remember her saying that she enjoys something, whether it be having drinks, art, exercise, history, going to the beach, movies, cooking, exotic foods, or anything else try to set something similar up for the first date, and she will automatically have a good time! The first date should be fun and light-hearted, so do something you will both enjoy, and things will go well.

The most important thing to understand on a first date is that she already likes you, and she will most likely continue to like you.

That means the “pick up” is over so if you used any “techniques” to pick her up, then you don’t need them anymore!

Picking up and dating are two totally different “games”. For example, having social status is great for picking up because it communicates to her that a lot of people like you which is great information for her when deciding whether to date you or not. On the other hand, having social status can also kill you during “dating” because it’s important to make her feel special, which won’t happen if you seem to be preoccupied with other relationships.

The first way to prepare for a first date is to take care of the basics like hygiene, style, and being comfortable. Make sure your teeth are clean, and you have fresh breath, make sure your body smells nice by wearing deodorant and cologne, wear clothing that fits you properly, and relax during the date. Again, she already likes you so don’t mess it up by missing one of the basics. If you have all these things handled than that will communicate to her that you’re a guy who takes care of himself and has his life together, which is absolutely necessary if you might be taking on the burden of taking care of someone else also.

Before you leave your place, visualize how the date is going to happen in a positive way. Imagine seeing her again and both of you smiling, imagine her loving the way you look and enjoying or laughing at everything you say, imagine how things are going to happen at the place you take her, and finally imagine how the date is going to end, whether it be a smile and a hug, a kiss, or sex. Whichever the outcome, make sure you are prepared.

Be completely honest 100% of the time.

She already likes you, so there’s no reason to try to make yourself sound cooler than you really are. She’s probably going to ask you questions about your major, your hobbies, and other things to find out more information about you and it’s very important that you are honest about it. A woman needs a man who she can trust, so you need to be that man if you want the relationship to continue. If you think she looks pretty, tell her. If you think the date went really well and you want to hang out later in the week, tell her and make a suggestion.

Make decisions and be a leader. You are a man, and if you have your life together and take what you want, then you should be making all the first moves. If you want to go to the bar and have a drink, tell her. If you want to go somewhere after for dessert, tell her. If you want to go back to your place to show her something really cool, tell her. If you are really enjoying each others’ company and you think she is comfortable enough to kiss you, kiss her. If you end the date at a really comfortable location like one of your bedrooms and things are getting sexual, do what you have to do.

Understand that all women are individuals and treat them accordingly. Whatever happened in your past with women, either positive, negative, or both you shouldn’t let that affect a new opportunity with a new woman. Also, understand that different women have different levels of comfort. Some get comfortable, very early, and some need more time. If you are a man who might be taking care of her in the future, it is important that you are aware of her comfort levels and keep her happy.

Be a good listener. She already likes you, so there is no reason to impress her by telling her more about yourself unless she asks. When the personality of a woman unfolds, it is truly a beautiful thing, and you will learn to appreciate the range of emotions and feelings she will be willing to share with you.

Finally, what happens between you two should stay between you two.

Social reputation is something that a lot of young women have to deal with, and you should respect that about her. Humans like to show different parts of their personalities around different people. For example, you might be a student, an employee, a family person, an acquaintance, a friend, and a lover and it is important to most people that they show different sides of their personalities to different people.

For example, if I am dating a really amazing woman, I might kiss her as soon as she walks in the door. If one of my guy friends comes over to watch a football game, I’m not going to kiss him when he walks in the door.

Would you ever go to a doctor without a medical degree? No! So why would you ever take relationship advice from someone without great experiences? If you decide to share the details of your dating life than make sure to only listen to advice from people who are currently happy with his or her dating life.

Dating is all about being happy together with a person and having the opportunity to express yourself as a romantic person so you shouldn’t let anyone else get in the way of your being happy and if you keep the relationship details between the two of you, then nothing can hold you back from being happy.