Being “Difficult & Challenging” to Attract Women


Sounds like conflicting ideas I know. How can being difficult be attractive to women? How can you challenge a woman to be attractive? It doesn’t make sense on the surface, yet this is precisely why these tools can be so powerful when attracting women. Why?

Because most men will never figure this out, being difficult and challenging is a great way to set yourself apart from the “competition” of other men. Go ask some women you know what most men do to get their attention… I bet they’ll roll their eyes and begin sharing some pretty funny stories.

Most guys will do anything to get a woman’s approval, especially if they have her attention for a moment. Most men will hold on to every second of care they get from a woman and clear out their schedules to make time for her. The thing is, women know this. Women (especially the hotties) realize they can get nearly any man anytime.

So if you learn the secrets of how to be difficult and challenging in just the right way, you’ll have a huge advantage. This way, you can “flip the script” and have her wandering about you all the time and end up chasing you.

What is being difficult and challenging to women?

Since it seems like such a conflicting idea to use these tools to attract women, we better clarify this a little bit. Being difficult and challenging doesn’t mean being an as*hole.

Let’s think about things from a woman’s perspective for a minute.

If a man is always available to answer her calls, texts, and ready to get together, is that challenging?

Probably not…

What if he also has already professed how much he likes her, always gets back to her right away AND is still ready to get together?

Is that challenging and difficult?

Not really.

Here’s the real kicker.

Is the above behaviour of always being available and expressing your feelings Attractive?

Oh, snap!

In the vast majority of cases. No, it’s not attractive… not even close. It’s whiny, needy, little bitch behaviour. Yes, of course, there are exceptions. If you’re incredibly high status, busy, and powerful man… then it can be a real attractive treat for a woman to know these things.

I think we’ve all heard the old saying, “You want what you can’t have.” I think there is a lot of truth to this. For example, there is this excellent fish taco stand by my place that’s only open on the weekends. If it’s Wednesday…no fish tacos. So what happens when Saturday rolls around? That’s right, I’m excited for taco time. What happens on Wednesday or Thursday?

I want fish tacos, I’m thinking about fish tacos, I’m probably talking about fish tacos…but I can’t have fish tacos. If I could have these every day would I be excited on Saturday about them? Would I be thinking about them all week and talking about them? No, it would be just another right place to eat that’s open every day.

With attractive women being eagerly pursued ALL THE TIME by hoards of men willing to do whatever they want. Merely being difficult and challenging can be a great way to make her flip out and DESIRE time with you. See where I’m going here?

Here’s a few tips to help you out. Start weaving these into your interactions with women and reap the benefits of creating attraction like magic.

Don’t reveal everything right away.

Don’t tell her you like her, don’t share your feelings. Don’t tell her what you do, your favourite movie or what your name is unless she asks, even then you can be finicky about it which I’ll explain in a second.

Make it a game

Remember earlier I said that being difficult and challenging doesn’t mean being a dick. So make it a game. Ask her if she’s a good cook then ask when she’s having you over to cook dinner for you.

You’re the one in charge and choosing her, not the other way around like so many of the other men that chase her. Qualifying is one of my favorite techniques to use with women that makes a man stand out. “So are you amazing? I only like to hang out with amazing women.” Or “Why should I get to know you?’ Make sure you’re doing this in a manner that’s fun and joking around. Remember, it’s a game …you’re not trying to be a dick.

Be selective about giving her approval.

“Yeah, I THINK I might like you…but I’m not sure yet, you’re kind of a dork.”

That’s way different then, “I think you’re a special girl, can I take you out to dinner and see if you’d be my girlfriend?”

When you’re selective about giving your approval, you’re challenging her to qualify herself and make a case for why you should be spending time with her. This is golden. 

I’m serious when I say women will begin chasing you when you use these techniques.

Be busy and unpredictable

If she calls or texts you, don’t always respond right away all the time. If you’ve been talking for a few minutes, leave.

Pull her in for a hug and then push her away and say, “Get away from me!” Remember, it’s a game, you’re not a dick.

Put a twist on things.

“I like you…I THINK”

“MAYBE we’ll get together this weekend.”

This is a much different way to put a spin on what would otherwise be boring, predictable, lame stuff.

Be busy, if she wants to get together on Tuesday, tell her you’ll let her know.

Be Mysterious

Back to the beginning of this article, be difficult and mysterious with common questions.

What’s your name she asks?

Respond with, “Hello Miss, I don’t know you… I apologize that I can’t reveal that type of information unless I find out you’re an interesting, charming, and delightful woman.”

Boom. Now we’ve wrapped it all up into a nice package, challenging, complicated, and mysterious. Watch her eyes light up and enjoy the benefits.

You can do this with all the normal questions, “So what do you do?” she asks.

“Boooring! Are we really going to have that type if blah blah conversation? How about you tell me about the craziest adventure you’ve ever had? Then we can talk about what we do.”

These are just a few ideas to help get you started. To help stir your brain in the right direction. Break out of your shell and do what it takes to push the limits and become difficult and a challenge with women. It will help shape your character as a dominant masculine man who’s fun and exciting.