6 Tips That Will Help You Avoid Being An Annoying Boyfriend


Has your girlfriend ever called you annoying? Sometimes girls can over-exaggerate how they feel about their boyfriend when they are upset with them. However, there are certain things that a lot of boyfriends do that can definitely be frustrating to deal with.

Don’t be annoying boyfriend

Drinking Too Much

Let’s face it, guys love their alcohol, however, most women don’t like it when their better half has too much to drink while there on a date. If you are on a date with your girlfriend you should never get too drunk to the point where you can embarrass yourself or even worse embarrass her. Moreover, when you are out with your lady you are responsible for protecting her but you can’t do that when you’re too intoxicated to know your left from your right.

Some women even become afraid of their boyfriend when they get too drunk. The man she grew to admire and love is completely different and doing inappropriate things that can make her lose trust in you.
It’s okay to get wasted every now and then, but when you make a habit out of it every time you two go out there is no doubt your girlfriend will get fed up with your behavior and start looking for somebody less annoying.

Too Much of A Sex Machine

Wanting sex too much can definitely annoy your girlfriend to the core. It is okay to have a good time under the sheets but too much will make her look at you like a sex-crazed machine that’s only using her for bedroom action.
Most of the time girls will have a much better time just cuddling up with you and feeling on your body without having it lead to sex. Show her that you can go a day or two without sex by not asking or begging for it every chance you get. Put in a good movie and get your girl to cuddle up with you and let her see that you two can have a good time without taking her clothes off.

Don’t Ask For Advice and Not Listen

If you really want to get under your girlfriend’s skin and really annoy her just ask for advice on something and then do the complete opposite. Women really hate it when their boyfriend makes up their mind without thinking about what she just told him.
It makes her feel like she is not being taken seriously and incapable of providing you with good advice. If you don’t even plan on taking your girl’s advice to solve a problem it is better you don’t even ask her for her opinion just to avoid getting on her bad side later on.

Comparing Her To Another Person

This is a huge one. Women really get annoyed when any man let alone their boyfriend compares them to another woman. Never compare your girlfriend to any of your ex-girlfriends, none of her friends, don’t even try comparing her to a female celebrity. If you don’t want to annoy her keep your comments to yourself because if you don’t not even an apology will help you get out of the dog house from this one.

Flirting With Her Friends

Men who are bold enough to flirt with one of their girlfriend’s friends are asking for it. Most of the time if her friends are loyal they’ll go back and tell your girlfriend that you’ve been flirting with them.
Even smiling at her friends for too long is too risky so just don’t do it. This is definitely one of the most annoying things guys do when they’re in a relationship with somebody.

Be Nice While She’s Shopping

Most girls get annoyed quickly when they are trying to take their time to shop for some clothes and their boyfriend is rushing them every step of the way. Most guys don’t understand that it takes women a couple of hours to choose something they like while shopping because it only takes them 10 to 15 minutes at the most to pick out an entire outfit.

If your girlfriend doesn’t invite you out with her to shop all time you should try to be nice and let her take her time during the rare times when she does invite you. Most of the time she will remember how considerate you were and take care of you later on.