5 Tips For Flirting With a Woman You Should Be Paying Attention To


When it comes to flirting, a lot of men feel like they are kind of out of the loop as to what works and what they should be doing to succeed at being able to flirt with a woman effectively. Whether you are trying to create some chemistry with a woman you have just met, or you are trying to flirt with an ex-girlfriend because you want to bring the romance back into the picture, flirting is a necessary skill to have. What most men seem to get stuck on, is this idea that they need to have the perfect line or they need to be able to really knock a woman’s socks off when they are engaging her, and that can make you feel a lot more pressure than you really need to feel.

While it is definitely an important skill to have, you don’t want to get so hung on this yearn to be perfect that you end up avoiding situations where you would normally try to flirt with a woman you like all because you are afraid that you may not get it right. That’s where these 6 tips are going to come into play. When you have some sliid ground to stand on, and you know what works, it makes it a lot easier to engage and interact with women in a flirtatious manner and be effective enough to make a woman feel like she is attracted to you.

Here are 5 tips for flirting with a woman that I really think you should be paying attention to:

    • 1) Don’t neglect how important it can be to incorporate a little body language flirting into the mix.
      I know that you are probably hung up on the desire to learn what the right things to say to a woman are and that is a good thing to want to be able to figure that part of the process out. However, so much communication that goes on when you are interacting with someone happens on the level of your body language that you really should not ignore this one at all. One of the things that you can do is to make sure that you stand with an open posture, as that seems to make you appear to be friendlier and less “threatening” which can be important when you are dealing with a woman that you have just met.
    • 2) Make her feel like she is important by giving her most of your attention.
      I am not going to say that you need to give her all of your attention, because you really don’t have to go that far. What I will say is that you should give her most of your attention so that she does feel some importance. All people have the need to feel like they are significant and that they matter and they especially want to feel that way when they are dealing with someone that they may end updating or in a relationship with. Don’t be afraid to show a woman that you are the kind of guy who will give her most of your attention.

  • 3) Try to use a little humour to make her laugh when you are flirting with her.
    This is like the easiest way to create rapport with a woman which is something that you must be able to do. Okay, so let’s just say that you are talking with a woman and you really want to be able to make her feel a sense of rapport. What you can easily do is create a little bit of a running, inside joke just between you and her and if you do that, not only are you making her laugh which is good, you are also going to make her feel that sense of rapport and being connected to you which is awesome if you want to make her want you.
  • 4) Find a way to touch her when you are talking to her lightly.
    This is a good way to kind of escalate the chemistry and the sense of comfort that she has with you. A little bit of a touch here and there in non-discreet places can be a good way to kind of jump over that hurdle of being strangers. Not only that but if you do this at the right time, then you are likely to be able to make her feel a lot of chemistry with you, and that is what you really are going for.
  • 5) Finally, if you want to be able to take things to that next level, then you are going to have to learn to be seductive.
    I bet that you would raise an eyebrow if I were to ask you if you know what to do to really take things up a notch and be seductive with a woman. This is something that not a lot of men are really going to be too good at doing, so it is a good thing for you to become good at it because it will make you seem like a one in a million kind of guy. What I find works really well is when you know how to seduce a woman with words so that she hangs on everything that you say and you can push all of the right emotional buttons just through talking to her. This is the kind of advanced technliogy that can really make you seem like you are the perfect guy that she has been waiting for her whlie life to meet. Not a bad way to be seen by a woman you like, know what I am saying?