40 Date Ideas That Are A Lot Of Fun


A fun date is a creative date. Of course, there is still room for conventional romantic dates. Candle-light dinners, moonlight beach walks, there are so many ways to impress a girl. Yet, romance is not everything.

If you want to surprise a girl, take her out on some fun date to add some spark and spontaneity into your relationship.

It is not as tough to find a fun date idea, as you think. All you have to do is look around and find something you both will enjoy doing. And if you can’t find anything, feel free to use some ideas from our fun dates’ list.


    1. Go to an amusement park
    2. Play bowling
    3. Go on a pizza tour around the city
    4. Go on a chocolate tour
    5. Try horseback riding
    6. Don’t miss ice-skating
    7. If you are sports fans, watch a game together
    8. Give a chance to a comedy club
    9. Go on a picnic in the park
    10. Ride in an air-balloon
    11. If you are not scared, go for cliff jumping
    12. Drive-in
    13. Let her win (or lose) in kart racing
    14. Go camping: night, stars, a moon, a blanket, some drinks, and just the two of you
    15. Play mini-golf
    16. Ever thought of skydiving?
    17. Take her to a gun range
    18. What about sailing?
    19. Decorate your room as some foreign country, take her on vacation without leaving home
    20. Go on a treasure hunt
    21. Fly a kite
    22. Watch meteor showers together
    23. Play video games (no need to be a winner all the time, though)
    24. Spend a day in a swimming pool
    25. Go paintballing
    26. Try rafting or kayaking
    27. Experience paragliding together
    28. Observe the city while on a helicopter ride
    29. Play board games
    30. Search for ghosts in the haunted house
    31. Take her to a dance lesson
    32. Have a play fight, snowball or pillow
    33. Prepare a meal together
    34. Go to a wine tasting
    35. Volunteer together
    36. Go roller skating
    37. Play Laser Tag
    38. Build a treehouse
    39. Go mountain climbing
    40. Make a snow sculpture

A good date is a date with the right person at the right time and in the right place. You decide if you pick one of our fun date ideas for the first, the second or the 50th date. Important is that you both will enjoy.

Dating can be both tough and simple before you suggest something or plan something you should make sure that it will be welcome by the second party. Try to find out what she likes or dislikes before you take her on some extreme date. Maybe you should start with something quieter but still fun before you proceed to something like skydiving.

There are a lot of opportunities to make your date unforgettable. A good, fun date throws some spice to your relationship. So, why don’t you try one of our fun date ideas right now?