12 Never Fail Tips for Asking a Girl Out In School


Whether you’re in college, high school, middle school, or elementary, you’re going to be attracted to one or more of the girls that attend the same school as you. There are so many attractive females in school that it’s not hard not to like one of them.

Ask a Girl Out In School

If you have classes with this girl you like there are more than enough opportunities to get her to notice you and maybe even get her to go out with you. Even if you don’t have any classes with her and you just see her around school, there are some effective things you can start doing to get on her good side.

Start-Up A Conversation

The conversation is one of the most important things you have to focus on when you are trying to get a girl you like. No girl wants to go out with a guy she can’t have a good conversation with. Most of the time the girl that you’re interested in won’t approach you and start a conversation unless she’s already friends with you.

It is up to you as the guy to initiate things and spark up a conversation. When you begin talking to her keep things casual and make small talk about something she can relate to. Since you both go to the same school and probably in the same classes together it will be easy to accomplish this. You can start off your conversation by saying “don’t you have Mr. Butler’s 4th period Math class? I’ve been trying to figure out how to do this one problem but I just can’t figure it out. Do you know how to solve it”?

This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to spark up a conversation with a girl in school, and on top of getting a chance to talk to her, she might even offer some help which is an added bonus because this means you’ll get a chance to spend some 1 on 1 time with her. Once you get the ball rolling and you begin talking to her keep the conversation going by saying something like “I have Mrs. McIntosh’s science class. She is killing me with these projects. I think I might transfer to another teacher. Do you know another science teacher that doesn’t give you all these projects and homework assignments?”

Making small talk like this is key because it will show her you’re normal and you know how to hold a good conversation. The more you talk to her the more you can start talking to her about stuff unrelated to school. As you get more comfortable talking to her start asking things like “what do you do for fun outside of school”? Or “What do you like to eat? I love seafood”.

Give Her Compliments

As you start talking to the girl you like more and more you’ll begin to feel more comfortable talking with her. Start telling her how good she looks today or how you think her hair looks good when she wears it that way. You could approach her and say something like “you are looking great in those jeans”. If she likes the compliments you’re giving her she’ll let you know by blushing, smiling with all her teeth showing, or giggling.

Girls love compliments, especially ones that let her know how good she is looking. You see, women love attention and even more so from guys that they like or find cool. As long as you show her you’re a cool guy to talk to and you give her timely compliments she’ll find it hard not to start falling for you if she already doesn’t like you.

The more compliments the better, but don’t overdo it or try too hard to find something to compliment her on. You see women love a challenge just like some guys. They don’t want a guy that is too over the hills for them unless she already has a crush on you, then you’ll have to do or say something stupid to mess it up.

Show Her You Got Options

If you aren’t sure the girl is already interested in you it is best to be cautious with the amount of attention and compliments you give her. Instead, follow this formula:

  1. Make Small Talk With Her About Things You Think she’ll be interested or can relate to.
  2. Sneak some good compliments about what she’s wearing or how she looks.
  3. Keep it moving.
  4. Wait a couple or a few days before you approach her again to talk to her. When you see her in the hallways, in class, in the cafeteria, or at some school function do your best to make her notice you talking to other people (mainly other girls) having a good time.

Letting her see you talk to other people, especially girls will win you some points because girls like it when they see you can hold a conversation with a wide range of people.

She’ll see that you have other options and you’re a pretty cool guy. This will make her want to get some attention from you, and maybe even make her start approaching you and starting small talk.

Build Confidence

Without a doubt, one of the most important things you need when asking a girl out in school or anywhere else is confidence. The more confident you are the more the girl will like you and feel what you’re saying. You have to show yourself as a confident guy even if you are scared to death that she might reject you.

One of the common reasons guys aren’t that confident when approaching a girl is because they feel they aren’t worthy of her and they’re afraid of what she’s thinking of them. To fix this problem simply reverse your thought process.

Instead of thinking to yourself, you’re not worthy to start thinking to yourself “is she worthy of me”. Instead of asking yourself what does she think of me, start asking yourself “what will I think of her”, “what if I don’t like her as a person”. This thought process will immediately switch things up and put you in a more confident state of mind.

Everybody is weird in their own way and has their own faults, so always keep this in mind and it should help you feel more confident about approaching her and sparking up some small talk.

Another way to build some confidence in yourself is to think about your accomplishments or things you’re proud of. If you’re on the basketball team or a good athlete at something draw your inner confidence from these skills or talents you possess.

If you know you’re a smart student, you’re a great artist, you know how to do something really well, or if you have a nice car use it to build a confident state of mind. Eventually, you’ll start thinking to yourself “Why wouldn’t she want to go out with me I’m on the varsity basketball team and I’m just a freshman”. Saying things like this will help boost your confidence in yourself and make approaching any girl and talking to her easier.

Ask Her For Her Number

Once you’ve gotten to know her a little and you know she thinks you’re a cool guy to talk to ask her for her phone number. Girls these days love to talk and text, especially girls in school. When you see an opening to ask her for her number jump at it. If she says something like “I’m going to so and so this weekend”. You could respond with something like “I love so and so give me your number so I can meet you up there”. This is a more commanding way to ask for her number, which girls like, instead of saying “I like so and so too do you think I can get your number so we can link up”?

Give Her a Reason to Give You Her Number

When you have a reason to ask a girl for her number this will increase your chances of getting the digits by ten folds. Another reason you could use to get her number “I need some help studying for this test tomorrow can you help me”? If she tells you she can help you then ask her “well can I get your number so we can talk over the phone later because I don’t think I have enough time in between classes”. Or a better way to ask for the number would be to say “that sounds great I really appreciate it, I got to get going now but what’s your number so I can call you later”?

Being a guy you have to be opportunistic and strike when the iron is hot. As soon as you see an opening take it. Once you get her number text her every now and then. It is fact that girls would much rather text than talk on the phone, don’t ask me why. Text her saying something like “wasup” or “how you doing”. Wait for her to respond then ask her “What are you doing”? If she tells you nothing ask her out. Ask her to go somewhere you know she’ll like.

Ask her out to eat, to the movies, or to a concert. If you think she still views you as a friend it is a good idea to play it safe and ask her out to a public place instead of somewhere secluded and intimate like the movies, or even worse your house. Ask her out to a public place like the skating rink, park, or ask her if she wants to come with you to the mall to get something.

Avoid Texting or Calling Her for No Reason

Don’t just text her out the blue and not have nothing to say or follow up with after asking her how she’s doing. When you make contact with her through texting or talking on the phone make sure you always know what you’re going to say and you have a reason for calling her or the conversation between the two of you will get awkward fast and you may come off as weird or uninteresting.

Girls like guys who have interesting things to talk about and things going on. Until you develop a solid relationship with her always contact her when you got something interesting to tell her or ask her.

Ask Her Out In Person

When asking a girl out in person you have to do it as confident as you can. Make eye contact with her and say what you have to say clearly. Don’t think of any crazy things to say or long statements that will cause you to stutter all over the place.

Instead, keep it short and sweet. Just come right out and ask her while maintaining eye contact “do you want to go out with me sometime”? Or

“can I take you out this weekend”?

Remember the past conversations or small talk you’ve made with her recently and ask her would she like to do whatever it is you know she likes doing with you.

Let’s Do Lunch?

Even if you aren’t sure about her interests just tell her you want to take her out to eat. Girls love being wined and dined so it is a safe bet she’ll love to grab some lunch or dinner with you, especially if you’re paying. Everybody loves to eat and not too many people will turn down a free meal. Ask her something like “can I take you out, I know this great Chinese buffet I know you’ll like”.

Make Her Feel Like You Care

Even if a girl doesn’t really like you that at first, you’ll begin to grow on her when you can do things that make her feel like you really care about her. Some things you can do to show her you really care about her include:

  • Carrying her books for her in the hallway to her next class.
  • Sit down with her at lunch and talk to her.
  • Hold conversations with her whenever you see her at school by the lockers, outside the classroom, or even at school events.
  • Offer to buy her something you know she likes at lunch.

The more things you can do to make her feel special while not being too pushy the more she’ll start being attracted to you and thinking about you, which is all part of your game plan.

Take Pride in How You Look

You don’t have to be the best-dressed guy in school to get the girl you want to go out with you. All you have to do is present yourself as a well groomed and clean guy. There aren’t too many girls out there that would want to go out with a guy that didn’t take care of himself. Keep your hair neat, wear clean and wrinkle-free clothes, take care of your skin and hair, workout so you look in shape, and never smell bad.

This is not to say you can’t ask a girl out if you’re not doing all these things, but it helps improve your chances of getting her to say yes when you ask her out. Putting more care into how you carry yourself will also make you feel good and more confident in yourself. The more care you put in your appearance the more she’ll start asking herself if you’re boyfriend material.


Flirting is one of those things that can either help you or hurt your chances. If you flirt with a girl and she likes it then asking her out will be easy. If you flirt with a girl and she’s not that into you it’ll make you look like a creep. That’s why its best to play it safe and watch how she interacts with you and do the same thing with her.

If you find that she likes touching you, hugging you, and joking around with you then you can definitely get away with flirting with her a little. However, if you find that she is more reserved and isn’t the type of girl that likes to touch and play around just take your time getting to know her more.